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Excellent EN VI Interpreters at Cisco Engage - Data Center Innovation conference


Cisco Engage - Data Center Innovation was co-organized by Cisco and its strategic partners, centering on 4 key themes:

- 5G, AI/ML, IoT and Multicloud – 5 megatrends that will redefine the Data Center

- Transform businesses with AI and ML

- Get insights on multi-domain

- Hyper-converged Infra for Multicloud

Data centers are becoming diverse and more dynamic, with major developments in technological innovations including AI, cloud computing, IoT, and machine learning.

Cisco ACI is seen by many as an industry’s leading software-defined networking solution for data centers. CISCO ACI enables the automation of data centers with a consistent policy model that integrates ACI with SD-Access and SD-WAN.

CISCO ACI also employs AI and ML to help clients transform their business models, optimize customer relationships management,  accelerate information extraction, and leverage advanced data analysis for better decision making.

Phiendichvien by AKT was selected for this event’s on-site translation. Having a good command of both languages, AKT team of simultaneous interpreters was contributig to the success of our clients’. Thank you for always trusting and choosing for your high-level events.

And prospective clients who are reading this: you can be our next valued customers in conferences where EN VI and VI EN translation are required. Rest assured that your seminars will be in safe hands, with Phien Dich Vien by AKT. 


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