The translated version should meet:

- Faithfulness                               

- Conformability                                           

- Comprehensibility

Translators need to consider cultural differences. Only then will they be able to build linguistic and cultural representations.

One example of this is the English noun phrases, which are usually expressed in the form of a verb phrase in Vietnamese. Another is the passive voice in Vietnamese, which is not necessarily expressed as passive in English.

We translate documents between English and Vietnamese in a number of steps, including reading ideas, translating, reviewing, and editing.

Our translation team can ensure the peace of mind for our clients by providing best translation and interpreting.

Over the years, we have worked with thousands of high-profile customers, many of whom are impressed by our excellent services.

AKT, a key team of dedicated translators, provides a good service, bringing peace of mind to your business in Vietnam. 

  • Company name: The Northwest School
    Documentary: Translation of: Documents on Training, Education; School brochures; Internal documents; the Board's messages
    Time cooperation: since 2020
  • Company name: Troy Corporation
    Documentary: Translation of: MSDS; SDS; Chemical usage guidelines;
    Time cooperation: since 2020
  • Company name: Nguyen Kim Group
    Documentary: Translation of: Dubbing - Voiceover script; Documents on Wealth management, Finance and Economics
    Time cooperation: since 2020
  • Company name: Outbox
    Documentary: Translation of: Specialized documents on Outbound Tourism; Customer behavior reports; Tourist destination reports; Questionnaires; Market research
    Time cooperation: since 2019
  • Company name: IGC Group
    Documentary: Translation of: Specialized documents on Education and Training; School profiles; Website, Seminar, Conference content
    Time cooperation:
  • Company name: InterCharm
    Documentary: Translation of: Specialized documents on Training, Livestream, Training, Self-development consultancy, Healthcare, Medical examination and treatment in Singapore and Malaysia, Human Resource Training, Human Development
    Time cooperation: since 2020