AKT Services Co., Ltd. provides:

-        English Vietnamese interpreters/translators

-          Vietnamese English interpreters/translators

-        Classes for professional interpreters

-        Classes for professional translators

-        Bilingual MC

-        Equipment for conferences, seminars

We provide our high-profile clients with excellent English-Vietnamese translation and interpreting for successful events over a 15 + year journey in the language service industry.

To date, our efforts are centered around the only goal: to bring success to our VIP clients, both at home and abroad, with a proven quality service for top events.

Phiendichvien.com provides professional translators / interpreters in a variety of fields: finance, economics, insurance, culture, education, import and export, marketing, information technology, construction-architecture, tourism, healthcare, law, mechanics-engineering, etc. We can therefore meet the growing demand for a well-versed interpreting team at important events.



Mr. Khang Nguyen, M.A – Director of AKT Services Co., Ltd. – currently holds multiple positions as:

-        Interpreter,

-        Country Manager, FDI enterprise

-        Bilingual MC/Host in English-Vietnamese,

-        University lecturer in English,

-        Trainer in interpreting and business English

-        Public speaker with TV and press appearances.

-        Youtuber sharing career information, knowledge and English language.


How do we stand out?

We consider the success of events or the success of our clients to be our ultimate goal. To this end, we implement the three rights: right person, right job, right time.

In the case of events that require an interpreter, finding the right person for the right job at the right time is of great substance. Interpreters must have the Right Attitude, Skills and Knowledge:

-       Right Attitudes Before, During and After Events.

-       Right Skills to become acquainted with subjects and deal with unexpected situations.   

-       Right Knowledge to bridge the gap between two languages; two cultures, between people who have known each other for a long time or who have never met before. 

Clients will have more confidence in their choice if their chosen interpreting team has contributed to the success of hundreds, even thousands, of events held by high-profile clients, both at home and abroad.

We believe that you will decide on the key interpreting team of AKT – the Key Team – to bring success to your events.