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AKT Excellent Interpreters for the webinar for Law on Construction


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On 6th June 2020, the webinar “Protection of payment to contractor/subcontractor: International experiences and practices in Vietnam” was held by the Group of Vietnamese Engineers, with AKT interpreters in charge of the online translation.


Speakers in the webinar included civil and construction experts, including Mr. Nguyen Nam Trung. He has a M.Eng. in Structural Engineering from the Asian Institute of Technology and MBE in International Construction: Practice and Law from the University of Stuttgart. He is a former member of FIDIC Young Professional Forum Steering Committee (YPFSC) from 2016 – 2018 and current member of FIDIC CC TG16 (since 2019).

Construction contracts and payment terms are not an easy task to handle, requiring interpreters to have an extensive understanding of what is going on in the industry, and procedures for acceptance and final payment. This task was done properly with the assistance from our clients – established engineers and lawyers in the field.

It came as no surprise that most contractors and subcontractors focus solely on the construction work, to the extent that they might lose sight of their payment rights and obligations. The insufficient guidelines on payment give rise to this webinar.

Each country has its own point of view when it comes to contracts, payment terms, and handling contracts. The webinar sought to review the differences in payment to contractors as prescribed by Common Law and Civil Law jurisdictions as well as to propose changes to Vietnam Law on Construction.

A profile of 20 years interpreting for thousands of events successfully does not come into being overnight. It takes hard work and mettle to become the best choice for our clients’ success in this ever-evolving landscape. Interpreters by AKT ensures a smooth discussion during the events that require English – Vietnamese translation. On top of that, compliments from our high profile clients after the events keep us in the industry.