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Best EN VI Interpreters at a Seminar on Branding


This article pertains to interpreting for branding, trade, and marketing on a national level.

The Seminar for Branding and Trade Development of Ho Chi Minh City was organized by The People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh city and The Saigontimes.

AKT VI EN excellent interpreters and translators were delighted to be trusted for interpreting at this event, especially working with Saigon Times, a well-respected client.

Business and brand-building in Ho Chi Minh city is becoming indispensable. Attracting foreign investments into the City will bring advantages while setting new standards for local businesses. At the same time, this will place local businesses at a competitive advantage to prove our positions in national and international markets.

The AKT team, with 5.000 events within 20 years of English to Vietnamese translation, had successfully delivered the content, ensuring quality and success for the event.

Brands comprise of product images, and represent the nation and locality as a whole. Thus, a number of reputable brands are needed in order to boost a competitive, sustainable economic development, and this is the urgent call of duty for Ho Chi Minh City.

A successful event requires experiences and practices from interpreters. Aside from skills and knowledge, experience is the key to customer satisfaction.

For every brand, customer satisfaction and comfort are essential for success. In other words, without proper products to satisfy customers’ needs, businesses should not venture into brand-building. Nevertheless, having good products themselves are not sufficient for brand-building as flexibility, feasibility, and integrity are key in quenching the thirst.

Seminars are platforms for exchanging ideas from which businesses realize their opportunities to promote their local Vietnamese brands from all fields to the national and international levels.

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