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AKT’s Interpreters at Youtube's Creators for Change Program


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Youtube Creators for Change is designed to amplify the voices of role models who are handling difficult social issues. Started in 2016, Creators for Change has identified and supported thousands of young inspirational creators who, by ways of using their influence, drive changes in many aspects.

Creators for Change Vietnam focuses on two issues – the first one is about women’s empowerment. Four Vietnamese creators would be chosen to become program ambassadors.

As an ambassador, the creator would receive production grants, marketing support, and opportunity to network and learn from experts on social issues who are using their videos to inspire empathy and solidarity. Ambassadors will work to raise and represent social issues as well as to foster dialogue on two main topics of the program.

Seeing our work as interpreters in the media the very next day and instantly online gives us pride. Especially in such meaningful events, we are even more satisfied since we can make small contribution to the progress of the planet.


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