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Interpretation of The 3rd Symposium on University-Industry Linkage 2020 at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT)


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AKT took pride in being the professional interpreters for these series of events themed “Enhancement of University-Industry Linkage for Sustainable Development”, to build and develop a network for experience sharing, technology transfer, and at the same time establishing partnerships.

The event was highlighted by seminars from leaders across provinces and cities, national and global enterprises, university representatives, who elaborated on topics of policies, strategies to promote cooperation between universities and businesses, accommodate sustainable development, pushing innovative products from ideas to practice, and fulfill social responsibility to serve the community.

Contents of the program includes a series of seminars associated with business needs such as: Technology Transfer Consultancy Workshop (by the order of Dong Thap province), The 3rd Joint International Conference on University - Industry; Vocational Guidance Workshop; Water for sustainable growth" Workshop.

These contents are closely linked to real-life demand, and are no stranger to the experienced AKT English Vietnamese interpreters.

On this occasion, HCMUT also signed a cooperative agreement with two enterprises: Siam City Cement VN Limited and Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 2 (PECC2) in the areas of scientific research, training and student scholarships.

Parallel to the series of events for university - industry linkages, two other activities were the Science and technology exhibition, Innovative and creative entrepreneurship, gathering over 40 booths of more than 40 sectors, enterprises from the following fields: electricity - electronics, mechanics, information technology, geomorphology, medicine, transportation, chemistry-food, environment, etc.

The university and enterprises delivered scientific products, unique technologies with high commercial value such as drones and terrain robots, smart homes, waste collection and treatment applications, agricultural origin retrieval application, and many more. Thereby, businesses and universities could jointly grasp mutual needs to move towards cooperation, research, investing and exchanging technologies.

Within the series of student activities on careers and jobs, Bách khoa Career Fair 2020 was also the University’s largest recruitment day for all students, alumni, and students from universities and colleges of Ho Chi Minh city and neighboring provinces to visit, learn, and apply.

The annual Symposium on University-Industry Linkage aims to build linkages between national and global universities, government agencies, enterprises of Vietnam and the world, various organizations, and interested individuals to share experiences and promote cooperative linkages between the University, research institutes, and enterprises.

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