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A five-day webinar series on experience sharing in renewable energy (RE) auctions including Denmark, India, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States, IEREA 2021 was organized by PECC3 with the support of the Center For Procurement Support (under the Public Procurement Agency, Ministry of Planning and Investment).

India is a federal country comprised of numerous states, each with its own set of policies. Meanwhile, the federal government manages the projects, which previously acted as a barrier in land use and electrical transmission issues. The reverse auction was also hampered at the time by a plethora of complicated regulations. Solar energy investors will suffer significant losses if planning is not done properly.

Additionally, India faces obstacles such as high interest rates, a mismatch between investor desires and government regulation, as well as a mismatch between state wishes and government regulation. Thus, the lesson learned is to conduct concurrent land-use and transmission planning in order to ensure generation to the grid. In terms of finance, each stage must take exchange rate, interest rate, and profit regulations into account.

In the last six years, India's solar capacity has increased sixfold, outpacing the four-year plan for renewable energy development by focusing on investor support and new initiatives.

India is well-known for its solar parks, for which states pre-plan land, infrastructure, and transmission lines.

In terms of legal matters, India has specialized bodies for resolving disputes, namely the Central and State Electricity Regulatory Commissions. Additionally, the government issues Decrees and relevant legislation for each auction stage.

Additionally, India seeks to foster an open and supportive environment conducive to effective dispute resolution for all parties. Investors may also choose bilateral, multilateral, or international treaties, arbitration, or international mediation.

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