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Excellent Interpreters at Mini Thailand Week 2020


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AKT’s team was proud to be trusted to be working in two roles – the English Vietnamese MC/ host and the interpreter – at an event specialized in international trade and commerce.

Mini Thailand Week 2020 showcased products under these categories: fashion and accessories, children’s products, health and wellness, food and beverage, household and kitchenware, and many more. Thai cuisine and Thai traditional dance are other pull factors at the event.

Previously receiving the script doesn’t reduce much pressure on interpreters because speakers can go off script at any time. And that was what happened at Mini Thailand Week 2020. Two VIP guests put more details when they talked, and Mr. Khang Nguyen, with his experience in interpreting, handled the situation gracefully. So what is the secret to remaining calm on stage?

1. Always pay attention to what the speakers say

2. If what they say is included in the script, then just go on with a smile.

3. If what they say is nowhere near the script, take notes immediately (this skill can be learned)

4. Once the speakers stop, convert your note into the target language, be careful to choose the right words for the right occasion.

Sounds easy? Well, it could be done at the stroke of a pen once you have acquired the skills.

Mr. Khang Nguyen, the interpreter with +20 years of experience in the industry, said “As a hands-on interpreter and bilingual MC, there are countless stories and observations that I would take the chance to share in my training classes.”

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