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Interpreting at Vietnam – Europe Business Forum 2022


The article pertains to the interpreting topics of Investment, International cooperation, and Trade.

Vietnam – Europe Business Forum 2022, organized by HCMC’s Investment & Trade Promotion Center (ITPC), held a dialogue between municipal authority, and European business delegation, which put the legal framework, development policies and investment environment into sharp focus.

It is a privilege for Phien Dich Vien by AKT to play an active role in this crucial meeting as a simultaneous interpreting service provider.

Leaders of HCMC, who chaired this forum, wished to further strengthen the relationship between city leaders, local management agencies and the European business community, while creating opportunities to facilitate business matching between two sides. On this note, the City Leaders also suggested that representatives of European associations and businesses should raise their concerns and difficulties, while welcoming any initiatives to improve existing policies and regulations.

The discussion went off without a hitch as questions from businesses were met with satisfactory responses from HCMC’s authority. This, in no doubt, justified the professional and high-quality service of AKT’s interpreters who put their hearts and souls into their work. 

As global integration becomes a norm, we have provided translation services for numerous online and offline events, particularly those relating to foreign trade promotion, namely the conference on “Supporting foreign investors in adapting to new business environment”, the conference on Investment promotion during COVID-19, and the webinar on UAE market for Ca Mau exporters. We are looking forward to offering you the top-notch translation service in your investment cooperation events.

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AKT has over two decades of experience in providing language-related services, including:

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