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Seminar: "Development of urban models and housing issues”


A session of EN VI EN interpreting for real estate and infrastructure.

Vietnam Television's Center for Digital Content Production and Development hosted a seminar on "Development of Urban Models and Housing Issues" (VTV Digital).

The excellent interpreters from AKT VI EN were overjoyed to be able to provide interpretation at this event.

The event's goal is to direct urban model development and solve the current housing shortage and infrastructure overload.

Interpreters must have extensive knowledge of society and the industries for which they provide services, as well as interpretation skills and sharp expression of the contents, in order to bring success to our customers.

In order to meet the housing needs of its citizens, Ho Chi Minh City will diversify its social housing investment methods in the coming years. Budget capital is prioritized for the construction of state-owned social houses. In addition, a land fund of 20% of residential land in other projects should be used to build social houses. The Administration must continue to be reformed, with simplified procedures for granting construction permits, certificates of land use rights, and land-attached assets. Simultaneously, the city will prioritize allocating land funds for social housing when building Thu Duc City in order to ensure social security.

The project is currently in its first phase, and high-quality townhouses, shophouses, and villas can be built at affordable prices. In this time of housing scarcity, the appearance of a satellite "megacity" is regarded as a highlight to assist the city in reducing the city's current mechanical population pressure.

Interpreting with microphones recording the content for post-event VTV news is familiar to AKT's interpreters, particularly Mr.Khang Nguyen. In critical situations, the interpreter must remain calm and draw on his strengths, as well as the experiences and techniques he has honed over the years.

Housing is a frequently mentioned issue that our team of interpreters has translated for many large corporations, including Nam Long Group, CBRE Vietnam, Novaland, Dat Xanh Group, Phat Dat, Sacomreal, and many others.

The AKT team is accustomed to “General Meeting of Shareholders” and “Annual Conference” sessions, so we can ensure that our work is completed smoothly and efficiently for our customers. We have received positive feedback from many customers and will continue to work with them on future events.

Another outstanding session has been added to the list of successful events performed by AKT interpreters. We place an emphasis on our clients' success and are constantly seeking new skills and knowledge in order to provide the best EN VI EN translation services possible. You could be our next client!


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