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Webinar: Vietnam-India partnership in pharmaceuticals


This article covers the Medicine, Pharmacy, Healthcare, and Trade department.

AKT is very honored to undertake the role of interpreters in the webinar about pharmaceuticals between India and Vietnam.

The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry Branch in Ho Chi Minh City (VCCI-HCM) collaborated with the Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council of India (Pharmexcil) to organize this webinar in order to further strengthen economic and investment cooperation between Vietnam and India, with the support of the Consulate General of India in Ho Chi Minh City. It also provides opportunities for the two countries' business communities to connect and exchange partnerships.

This webinar provided information on the investment environment, economic situation, and commercial outlet development policies between Vietnam and India, with a focus on the pharmaceutical, medical equipment, and health care industries. This will be an excellent opportunity for Indian and Vietnamese businesses to update market information and investment policies, as well as to collaborate on trading investments. Furthermore, in the pharmaceutical and health sectors, Indian businesses can form joint ventures with Vietnamese partners.

Vietnam has a plentiful supply of natural medicinal herbs. This will make it easier for businesses to invest in medicine production and increase their competitiveness with other countries.

However, in order for the investment to be effective, Indian and Vietnamese businesses must establish a more regular and strict information exchange platform in order to maximize each party's advantages and help both sides reach their development goals.

Interpreting in the medical field necessitates not only extensive knowledge but also the sharpness of the interpreters in order to understand and convey the contents and messages to the listeners clearly and accurately.

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