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Translation service for Legal industry: Seminar on Facilitating the proceedings of settling disputes by arbitration in Vietnam


Adapting to international trends, arbitration in Vietnam is also increasingly popular and opted by the business community when resolving disputes. However, along with that development, the complexity of the cases also gradually increased. Through the disputes, it can be seen that the practice of conducting arbitration proceedings always generates many inadequacies and controversies. As a result, Vietnam International Arbitration Center, together with other partners, organized a series of events on arbitration to offer multi-dimensional perspectives of experts, counsels, and arbitrators, thereby contributing to the amendment and improvement of the Law on Commercial Arbitration. 

Phien Dich Vien by AKT takes pride in being the brand name when it comes to interpretation at arbitration events. Backed by more than 20 years of operation in the translation industry, plus the experience built up over various specialized arbitration-themed seminars, our interpreters deliver excellent translation of global and regional expertise, experience, and knowledge around the clock. This, as a result, contributes to the development of the arbitration community in Vietnam.

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AKT Service Co., Ltc. is Vietnam's leading Language Service Firm. 

AKT has over two decades of experience in providing language-related services, including:

  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for business meetings, events, seminars, press conferences 
  • Escort interpreting
  • Document translation
  • Bilingual event host
  • Translation equipment for events
  • Consultancy on hybrid event organization 

AKT's highlighted numbers:

  • 120,000 translated pages across various fields
  • 30,000 hours of interpretation
  • 100% well-trained interpreters.
  • 20% interpreters backed by over 15 years of experience, 80% interpreters backed by over 5 years of experience
  • Cost-efficient and quick turnaround (up to 30%) compared to other translation services.
  • 98% positive reviews from high-profile clients.

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