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Online webinar Interpreters on Risk Avoidance and Dispute Resolution in Construction


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The webinar on Risk Avoidance and Dispute Resolution in Construction by Arbitration was jointly held by the Vietnam International Arbitration Center (VIAC) and the Society of Construction Law – Vietnam (SCLVN). The webinar was a part of Vietnam ADR Week 2020 (VAW2020) – a week to celebrate 10 years of Law on Commercial Arbitration. Phien Dich Vien by AKT was trusted as the teleconference interpreters.

In recent years, disputes have bubbled up all over the construction industry. In view of the detrimental impact of the disputes have on the industry, disputing parties are urged to resolve the disputes by the right method.

Litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) are frequently chosen. However, as long court queues, escalating costs, and a marked increase in timeframe continue to burden litigation, ADR has gained broader acceptance as an optimal solution to disputes.

In Vietnam, the introduction of the Law on Commercial Arbitration in 2010 confirmed the government’s effort to promote the adoption of arbitration and other forms of ADR in dispute resolution. ADR seeks to maximize party autonomy and helps reduce the number of cases that have overloaded the court for years. ADR also helps the government to resolve the need for new judges and facility investment.  

Although Vietnam has shown a greater willingness to recognize and enforce foreign arbitral awards, commercial parties should be informed of the common reasons for non-enforcement by Vietnamese courts to prevent any unwanted losses.

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