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Webinar EN VI Interpreters on Inter-cultural Business and Mediation


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The webinar on Inter-cultural Business and Mediation was hosted by Vietnam International Commercial Mediation Center (, and Phien Dich Vien by AKT, the team of reliable English Vietnamese translators/ interpreters, was trusted to perform the online real-time translation.

Mediation in international trade can best be arranged by good communication. And the quality of good communication depends on a mediator's cultural knowledge and sensitivity in his work.

Since culture undoubtedly shapes our behavior and decisions, understanding how culture is perceived differently in a number of countries would inform the mediator of the best approach to conflict resolution. If mediators are unaware of cultural differences or misinterpret what is said or done in any context, this would be an early indicator of an opportunity missed.

Four points came up for discussion in this specialized webinar:

(1) Mediation in cross-culture disputes

(2) Japanese cultural characteristics in business and mediation

(3) Korean cultural characteristics in business and mediation

(4) Mediation, South Asian Cultural Influences

Cost-efficient, unified and convenient, video conferencing and teleconferencing are used across industries. Videoconferencing increases time-saving performance, reduces costs and promotes collaboration. In Vietnam, AKT – A A Key Team, is definitely the right choice of interpreters.

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