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“Indoor & Outdoor digital advertising with Edge AI, SDM, and DOOH” Seminar


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AKT took pride in being the professional interpreters for the “ Indoor & Outdoor digital advertising with Edge AI, SDM, and DOOH” seminar, which aims to provide organizations with necessary information and solutions in applying smart technology to create leading digital marketing.

On this occasion, Lac Viet Computing Corp. co-operated with Intel, with the appearance of speakers from Lac Viet Computing Corp., Dell OEM, HCMC Out of Home Club, and Intel Corporation.

The conference provided practical information through the following topics:

  • The drive for Edge AI application
  • A new age of Digital Signage with Intel® SDM
  • Edge AI Server solution
  • Digitize outdoor advertising in VN
  • Designing for the Future with Intel® SDM
  • Digital Signage – SaaS software. Intel SDM & Edge AI

These contents are closely related to the demands of organizations and businesses in the new 4.0 era. AKT's experienced interpreters are well prepared to translate this topic.

Today, the global Edge AI market is expanding. Despite this, it is growing slowly in Vietnam due to the effect of Covid-19 and enterprises' lack of familiarity with the usage and applications of Edge AI.

Ha Than, President of Lac Viet Computing Corp., kicked off the seminar with an overview of Edge AI and the practical requirements for promoting the development of Edge AI infrastructure.

Nguyen Quang Nhut, President of the HCMC Outdoors Advertising Club, discussed the transition of outdoor advertising to digital technology 4.0. Organizations can increase advertisement efficiency and attract customers by utilizing Digital Signage and DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home).

There are also topics from speakers:

  • David Tay, Global Product Manager from Intel
  • Vo Pham Nghia Binh, Senior consultant for OEM solutions from Dell Vietnam OEM
  • Yi-Yu Huang, Business Development Manager from GIGA IPC

With more than 20 years of experience, the AKT team delivers excellent work and ensures smooth translation for the seminar. Thank you for always trusting and choosing us for your events.


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