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Vietnam – India Textile and Garment Business Forum

Type : Forum
Fields : Production, Textile and Garment
Form : Bilingual MC
Venue : Ho Chi Minh City
With expert bilingual MC of AKT Service Co., Ltd

The Embassy of India in Ha Noi and The Consulate General of India In HCMC organized the event “Vietnam – India Textile and Garment Business Forum”.

Hội thảo giao thương dệt may viêt nam ấn độ

India is known as the second manufacturer of cotton, fabrics and yarns in the world whereas Vietnam is ranked 5th in textile and garment products, with the strong growth rate and a major import of textile and garment raw materials for production. On this reason, Vietnam is considered as a potential market for India`s textile and garment  industry.

Foreseeing the need for importing textile and garment raw materials from Vietnam market, especially at the time when domestic importers want to reduce the dependence on raw materials from China. The forum aimed to introduce and provide Vietnam textile and garment businesses with the reliable sources, quality superior and favorable price. It also expands the market share of Indian raw materials which are limited in Vietnam.

The event had also the presence of 12 textile and garment leading manufacturers, exporters in India. On the side of Vietnam were lots of representatives of manufactures and businesses who need to diversify sources from the textile materials.

The forum took place successfully with the support of the bilingual MC of in connecting and translating the content of forum to attendees.

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