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Type : Interpretation – translation for workshop
Fields : Society, Human Resources Management, Sustainable Development
Form : Simultaneous conference interpreting
Venue : Ho Chi Minh City
With expert interpreters of AKT Service Co., Ltd.

The workshop was held by The Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development (VBCSD), Vietnam Women Entrepreneurs Council of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and UN Women in Vietnam.

trao quyền cho phụ nữ

The workshop introduced 7 principles of Women`s Empowerment, a joint initiative of the United Nations on gender equality, women`s empowerment and UN Global Compact to promote gender equality in the workplace.

The workshop emphasized equal treatment between men and women in working and encouraged education and career development for women. At the same time, business development, supply chain and marketing activities can help promote the empowerment of women.

Realizing the important roles of women, a few multinational companies pioneered by hiring a number of female employees for each department, in an effort to bring equality.

The workshop was successful with the participation of more than 40 directors in different sectors and the conference intepreters of, who delivered the content in both languages, highlighted the the message of the program.

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