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Wella – UNICEF Making Waves

Education to create bright future for vulnerable children

Following the success of 2015, from Sep 12 to Sep 22, 2016 a vocational training program of hairdressing for 25 children and adolescents has been organized at Humanity Vocational Training School. The program called Wella – UNICEF Making Waves is a collaborative program between Wella and UNICEF aiming at helping to transform the lives of vulnerable young people through training and mentoring in hairdressing, life-skills education, empowering them to fulfill their rights and realize their potential for a brighter future. Since 2011, the partnership has helped empower more than 37,000 young people all around the world.


Wella Program – Making Waves UNICEF is invested and organized carefully, bringing together famous hairdressers representing various countries in the world (US, Australia, England, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Finland, Netherlands, Germany). Experts from Wella are intensively trained, almost all of them are owners of big salons and ready to bring their experience to young people in Vietnam. During the weeks of the program, students learned how to massage, wash, blow dry, cut, dye, and then practiced on mannequins. Every morning, each expert told a story about his/her country, life, ambitions and the journey to become hairdresser. Thus the students could get more confidence and were inspired to pursue their dreams.


In addition to vocational training, students also participated in extracurricular activities: making wall newspaper, they were free to show creativity and express team spirit; picnic activities with experts, it facilitated the students to play and have fun with the experts … And the conclusion of the training program was practicing session on human models, who were quoted as saying they felt satisfied with the students’ workmanship.


25 trained students are mostly children with special circumstances such as orphan, lack of love from family and society, some do not have opportunity to go to school and some have to work at very young ages. When being asked about dreams in future, Ngoc Yen said, “I wish that I could open my own salon in the future, become a professional hairdresser, then I will come back here to share my experience and skills to others the way the experts are teaching us now”. Similar to Yen, Bao said “My mother is a owner of a hairdressing salon, I wish to master the job so as to help with my mother’s salon”. In activity of making wall newspaper, they created the trends in the future as well as their dreams. In general, all of them desired to become professional hairdressers and have a happy life.


At the end of two weeks of training program, the closing ceremony was filled with laughter as well as tears. The students promised to make an effort to practice well to pursue their dreams, become professional hairdressers in response to instructions from dedicated experts. Our team of interpreters felt strongly about what we did in contributing to the good cause. We did a lot to translate from English to Vietnamese the training by experts, which helped the students benefit from the course.


Through this program, children learned a lot of knowledge, professionally practiced, enhanced confidence and gained recognition by the society.


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