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Solve-a-thon – Youth, Skills, & the Workforce of the Future

Solve-a-thon – Youth, Skills, & the Workforce of the Future, a global competition to find the answer of the question: “How can young generation today learn necessary skills to prepare themselves for the workforce and develop their capabilities in the 21st century?”

Attendance teams will provide solutions to the challenges of the topics:

  • Intellectual health
  • Sustainable urban community
  • Women and Technology
  • Youth, skills and workforce of the future

The competition will be attended by organizations from all over the world to evaluate and select winners. The total prize is $ 2 million.

The beginning of the 21st century has been marked by rapid advances in technology innovation – from smart phones and large data to artificial intelligence and machine learning. While new technology can create jobs and increase labor productivity, it also creates job displacement and broadens the skill gap. This, and Industrial Revolution 4.0, are themes that AKT – A Key Team of excellent interpreters – has been often asked to perform translation for seminars, conferences and events.

MIT SOLVE’s Youth, Skills, and the Workforce of the Future Solve-a-thon” is organized by Solve and Sihub on July 3, an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and the Atlassian Foundation.

By participating in Solve-a-Thon, you will have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with innovators, entrepreneurs and manufacturers such as CrowdSolve solutions for youth, skills and future human resources.

This event was done well with the interpreter from, who did an excellent translation on stage.

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