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Social innovation day in HCMC

Type : Conference Interpreting
Fields : Society, IoT, Innovation, Industry
Form : Simultaneous
Venue : HCMC, Vietnam
With expert interpreters of AKT Service Co., Ltd.

As the world changes, new global challenges arise, which in turn, challenge us to think globally. Look at how population will shift in the next 10 years.


The Social Innovation Forum brings together the region’s leaders and innovators, working together toward common solutions. All is built with IoT (Internet of Things) and innovative ways to manage social activities in a cost-effective manner.


Here is an example of how the Supply chain can be managed better using innovation and ICT to make a complete loop of development. This idea was expressed using case studies, which were translated smoothly to the Vietnamese audience by our conference simultaneous interpreters.

Throughout the seminars and with eloquent speakers, the forum showcased technological innovations across a variety of sectors. The word “innovation” now is widely known in Vietnam, a country with 90 million people in need of a sustanable development.

The forum allowed business leaders to establish new partnerships and learn how creative collaboration can benefit the region and the world.

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