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Media briefing: UPS expands Vietnam network partnership

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Vietnam has transformed its economy from a mainly agricultural-based one to an exporter of electronic goods like smartphones, has huge potential as a manufacturing hub.

The government is working hard to build a business-friendly environment to attract more FDI, which has been growing due to Vietnam’s macro stability, low inflation rate, and stable local currency.

Vietnam’s middle class is growing rapidly and they are also expected to spread out across several different parts of the country connected to HCMC and Hanoi, which means companies targeting these middle-class consumers must be present in more locations across Vietnam than before.

Vietnam is the EU’s second largest trading partner in ASEAN, and the government has committed to a 6.7% GDP growth target this year, making Vietnam one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. New-generation free trade agreements (FTAs), such as the EU-Vietnam FTA and ASEAN Free Trade Area, are expected to encourage a wave of investment and administrative reforms in Vietnam, and with that we expect to see Vietnamese manufacturers diversify their export destinations.

UPS is enhancing its services nationwide in Vietnam, and strengthening its intra-Asia network to give more local businesses greater operational flexibility and help them to participate more actively in regional and global supply chains.

UPS Vietnam are in the process of launching two major initiatives to enhance their operations:

  1. upgrading services in northern, central and southern Vietnam, and
  2. partnering with an Indonesian freight airline to reduce time in transit for both export and imports to/from Europe and parts of Asia.

The event was covered by national media, and this article is from one of the reporters attending the press conference:

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