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Type : Interpretation of Investment conference
Fields : Governance, Investment, Trade promotion
Form : Simultaneous interpretating
Venue : Long An Province, Mekong Delta, Vietnam
With expert interpreters of AKT Service Co., Ltd.

(Long An, Mekong Delta, Vietnam, October 17th, 2016)


The simultaneous interpretating by our interpreters successfully expressed the content of presentations from experts on the strengths of the province, the keynote remark from the Prime Minister, 50 investors coming from India, the United States, European Union, etc … together with 500 Vietnamese delegates and 100 correspondents.

The overall planning of socio-economic development of Long An Province is that by 2020, Long An shall be seen as having 3 regions with clear definitions of functions for each:

– Region 1 – food security, tourism and border gate economy: this is the region that obtains competitive advantage in agricultural production and tourist attraction. This will develop strongly in agriculture, forestry, fishery and supporting services.

Region 2 – Buffer: this region is oriented for agricultural development, making use of land fund for industry, urban development. This area mainly implements functions of conservation and reserve for provincial development. – Region 3 – urban and industrial development: this region focuses on urban development and general industry, forming corridors for urban center development in Ben Luc – Tan An and industrial zones in Duc Hoa, Can Giuoc, Can Duoc.

Long An should attend more to the application of information technology in rendering public services to businesses and the people, and the provincial leaders need to rely on IT to supervise the performance of service providers to ensure that commitments with businesses and the people are fulfilled.


The second part of conference was the B2B meeting in which our second team of translators performed the translation from English to Vietnamese for potential investors going on a tour to consider making investment decisions.

The central Government will work with Long An to build up a transparent legal framework and a business environment of high competitiveness. The right over assets for entrepreneurs will be protected and economic or civil disputes shall not be criminalized, adding enterprises must be placed in the center in all policies of the Government.

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