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Capitalizing on Vietnamese cuisine in tourism

Type : Interpreting for Conference, Tourism Event
Field : Society, ICT, Innovation, Industry
Form : Simulataneous interpreting
Venue : SECC, Ho Chi Minh City
With AKT Service Co., Ltd. team of high-level interpreters.

The trend of culinary tourism

Culinary tourism is gaining popularity. Enjoyment of specific dishes at tourist destinations is one of the primary purposes.

According to Las Vegas formula for sucess, there are 4 points that we ourselves were impressed (upon listening to Professor Delrosario, expert in hospitality):

You bring them
You house them
Your feed them
You entertain them

So, Vietnam has already had one of the above elements: number 3 – You feed them.

Vietnam is well known in terms of nutritional value and way of processing, with dishes being ranked high in the world cuisine map. Vietnam could be one country with a rich and varied cuisine that embraces both art and traditions.

Upon global integration, Vietnamese cuisine – with the combination and harmony with Chinese, European and Indian cuisine – is diversified and distinguishable. Michelin chefs have come to the country for the purpose of learning about the art. Beside beautiful landscape, Vietnamese cuisine also plays an important role to development of tourism. As a result, a significance of Vietnamese cuisine must be preserved and promoted, as a background for national branding, to boost the image of Vietnamese tourism.

Proposed solutions

  • Planning on locations for food markets to develop tourism and turn restaurants, food sites into tourist attractions.
  • Advertising Vietnamese tourism alongside Vietnamese cuisine through events, culture and culinary channels,…
  • Maximinzing the impact of overseas Vietnamese restaurants, as they are ambassadors of Vietnamese culinary culture to local diners.
  • Propagating and encouraging the community to preserve and promote the value of food in Vietnam.

Two professional cabin (simultaneous) interpreters from contributed successfully to this outstanding event.

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