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APEC Advertising Standards Conference

Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam, August 23-24, 2017

Phiendichvien in Simulataneous Interpreting for Vietnam APEC Conferences

Advertising fosters competition and helps small, medium-sized and multi-national companies grow profitable brands. This spurs economic growth, which in turn leads to job and wealth creation.

Alignment of advertising standards in accordance with APEC best practice principles will have multiple benefits for APEC economies.

Firstly, effective advertising standards provide an additional layer of consumer protection complementing the legal framework. This is critical to building consumer trust, an essential ingredient of a thriving digital economy and vibrant e-commerce

Secondly, consistent and coherent approaches to setting, monitoring, and policing advertising standards across APEC would provide companies with greater transparency in terms of advertising content and processes. Legal certainty is key to driving local and foreign direct investment.

Thirdly, governments benefit from all the above. Effective advertising standards offer a win-win, providing additional consumer protection, conditions conducive to greater market investment but at no cost to governments or the tax-payer.

The conference was run by knowledgeable panelists with insightful talks/ presentations. In this way of high level talks, with speakers being specialists in their fields, it is not easy for a translator to get the ideas across two languages. To make the matter more interesting, some spoke in Chinese, which means the team of interpreters of had to arrange for Chinese – Vietnamese – English simultaneous interpreting. This would not be smoothly done without understanding the job and assigning tasks among our team. We did it successfully in interpreting for APEC conferences with the mindset of doing what we do best, as usual.

As interpreters, we were particularly excited at the exchange of ideas in the panel discussion including Vietnamese government officials and the team of advertising experts on the hot topic of SRO (Self Regulating Organizations) in the advertising industry. To get an idea of what an SRO is, we can briefly describe it as “a non-governmental organization that has the power to create and enforce industry regulations and standards”.

This meeting aims to address APEC Ministers’ instructions in 2016 in regards to “promoting the alignment of advertising standards and reducing the cost of doing business across the region” and to “prepare a five year implementation strategy.”

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