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Interpreter Khang Nguyen in the ICT Conference

Type : Interpretation – translation for  Workshop
Fields : IT
Formc : Simultaneous
Venue : Ho Chi Minh City
With expert interpreters of AKT Service Co., Ltd

When interpreting for Conferences and Forums on information technology (namely the ICT – Information and Communications Technology), interpreters have to gain knowledge from a vast array of technological fields. As mentioned in the previous articles, believes that the trend of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary has been occupying the key positions in the modern world

dịch hội nghị công nghệ thông tin
As Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Department – Mr. Nguyen Minh Hong said, “ICT is one of the important industries that Vietnam’s Government should consider as a first priority for investment and development. Today, Ministry of Information and Communication Department has been accelerating the implementation of the project “Bringing Vietnam to be a strong ICT country” that includes content to promote the IT industry through investment and enhancement capacity for IT businesses as well as improving policies of investment incentives and legislative environment, and helping domestic and international IT enterprises to grow.”


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