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Interpreter in the Conference of Intellectual Property rights

Type : Translation/Interpretation for Conference
Fields : Law
From : Simultaneous
venue : Ho Chi Minh City
With expert interpreters of AKT Service Co., Ltd

Interpreting in HCMC in the field of Intellectual Property rights has attracted a huge number of attendants than expected, including international corporates and SME companies

phien dich quyen so huu tri tue
There are many views of the definition of Intellectual Property, and the parties has agreed with the general concept before discussing in detail: IP Rights can range from ideas to implementation of those ideas, and bring them to life

Phiendichvien is interested in this topic, and hope that you are, too.

Some essential key points when finding out more:

  • IP Law
  • The ratification organization
  • Practical implementing
  • Following up the process
  • Advantages of registering

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