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Interpreting for Asian coatings conference


Supported by the Vietnam Paint & Printing Ink Association (, Asia Coatings Congress 2019 was a unique conference where one discovers the latest trends in the international coatings industry, including factors in environment, manufacturing and demand. Here one can also find a fantastic networking opportunity.

Interpreters convert one spoken language into another. Interpreting requires that one pay attention carefully, understand what is communicated in both languages, and express thoughts and ideas clearly. Strong research and analytical skills, mental dexterity, and an exceptional memory also are important assets owned by AKT – A Key Team – interpreters ( in 20 years providing the service in Vietnam.

At the conference, Tall Oil Fatty Acid (TOFA), among other raw materials, became the center of attention. Being 100% bio-based and non-food; having a low carbon footprint and not raising any land use warnings are the qualities that make TOFA the sustainable solution for high quality waterborne and high-solids alkyd paint binder systems. In addition, a number of innovative equipment-related solutions were also discussed, for example, wet grinding and dispersing solution – a truly unbeatable duo. Another thought-provoking session was how to use color systems as a platform for color communication.

Simultaneous interpreting requires interpreters to listen and speak at the same time someone is speaking. Ideally, simultaneous interpreters should be so familiar with a subject that they are able to anticipate the end of the speaker's sentence. Because they need a high degree of concentration, simultaneous interpreters work in pairs, with each interpreting for 20-minute to 30-minute periods. This type of interpreting is required at international conferences, particular this and 5,000+ events and seminars AKT interpreters have performed successfully.

The advancement of technology empowers people to mix and produce almost any color they want, therefore, a strategy to manage the color strip is a must. The issue is not for the companies operating in paint and coatings industry alone to deal with, stakeholders, especially end consumers, should also be engaged.

At this year’s Asia Coatings Congress, Research Centre for Gender, Family and Environment in Development  (CGFED) presented a session called “Lead Paint in Asia: Why is it a Problem?”, in which they raised concerns over injurious impact of lead on human health, particularly children since they have excessive exposure to lead through lead paint. They also updated what governments in Asia have done so far in order to minimize the use of lead paint.   

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